Conversational AI Uses

With the rapid march of technology, many everyday items are becoming "hands-free." Smart appliances, home HVAC and security systems, and other home automation devices now rely on communicating with artificial intelligence (AI) bots. Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Microsoft's Cortana are all examples of conversational artificial intelligence bots. Human speech isn't easy to duplicate or mimic. Different languages, accents, dialects, syntax, and things like the use of lingo all play a role in making conversational AI more complicated than one might think at first. Read More 

How Technology Can Help Your Trucking Business

If you have been involved in the trucking industry for a long time, then you might be accustomed to doing things the old-fashioned way. However, nowadays, there is a lot of great technology out there that can help you improve your trucking business and make things a lot easier for yourself and your employees. These are some of the types of technology that can help your trucking business. GPS Tracking Systems Read More 

4 Benefits Of Using Satellite Two-Way Radios

In this day and age, there are a variety of ways to communicate. While cell phones are the most common way for people to get in touch, emergency responders, public safety officials, law enforcement, government agencies, offshore workers, and transportation companies often turn to satellite two-way radios, like the explorer msat g3, to stay in contact. There are a number of benefits to using satellite two-way radios, such as: Reliability Read More 

Purchasing a Printer for Your Small Business? 3 Tips to Select the One For You

When you own a business, there are certain pieces of equipment that are absolute necessities. If you have a business that requires documents to be printed on a regular basis, having a great printer in the office will be essential. The following guide walks you through a few things to take into consideration when choosing a printer for your business. Choose a Printer with Bluetooth Technology When you have numerous people working in the office, it can be difficult to connect all of the computers to the printer at one time. Read More 

Two Ways Your Hospital Can Reduce Pharmaceutical Waste

Hospitals produce millions of tons of waste every year, and a good portion of that waste are medicines used in patient treatments. Mismanaging pharmaceutical drugs in your hospital not only increases your costs unnecessarily, but leads to higher levels of waste. Here are two tips for reducing prescription drug waste in your facility, which can help you save money and achieve your green goals. Use Patient Medication It may seem unconventional, but the first thing you should do is implement a policy of inquiring the type of medication patients have at home and using that whenever possible. Read More