3 Benefits Of Work Order Systems For Your Distribution Center

Whether you supply contractors with equipment and materials or you ship parts and other products out to retail locations, running a distribution center is not easy. While managing employees and maintaining your actual warehouse space are important tasks, ensuring your inventory, shipping, and receiving departments are in proper working order should also be priorities. Thankfully, help is available. This guide will help you understand the benefits of work order systems for your distribution center.

Real Time

One of the largest benefits of using a work order program is that your inventory and order processing will all be completed and updated in real time, meaning there will be no delays or discrepancies when completing tasks.

Real-time processing updates the system in real time, so even if employees are unable to pull parts or ship out full orders, the inventory system will be updated with ease.

Mobile Use

Another advantage of using work order software is the ability to work mobile. If you are a manager or an employer, having the ability to check inventory and work orders in real time while mobile can be a great way to stay connected while completing other tasks away from the office and distribution center.

Mobile systems can be used on your smartphone and tablets, so you can visit customers and clients, job sites, and even retail/wholesale locations without worrying about your distribution center's task flow and inventory situation. This mobile accessibility allows you to work with your customers and provide service in a more effective manner.


Gone are the days of storing documents, invoices, and other forms in large, bulky, and unappealing filing cabinets and drawers. Although some hard copies are essential, work order software systems reduce the amount of paperwork you need to physically store in your distribution centers and offices.

By keeping a track of inventory and shipping/receiving online, you can reduce the need for large piles of paper that need to be filed. This reduces not only clutter and the actual need for filing systems, but also the time, energy, and manpower or office staff needed to file and manage the filing system.

Running a distribution center can be time-consuming and busy. Therefore, you most likely do not have the time need to organize these files, so work order software can be a great investment.

Help is available if you want to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and organization of your distribution center using innovative software.

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